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Garden Consulting

Start growing healthy food


Raised beds

Want a custom bed with a unique shape or extra protection like hoops or wire covers?

We can do custom beds or rain barrel installations to fit your needs.
Get in touch to set up a free on site inspection and get your quote.

Pricing depends on material and size. We can do cedar or spruce to fit your needs.


Crop planning

Together we can design a crop plan for your garden.

  • Planting dates,

  • Spacing,

  • Succession planting,

  • Varieties,

all tailored to your growing space and wants for the season, while forming a basis for you to make your own plan in years to come.


Anything else!

Want to learn about:

  • Regenerative agriculture,

  • Growing techniques, or

  • Seed starting?

Book a consultation meeting 

to go over growing in your space.

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